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BZ Heli

About me

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This will be about myself and other various things.

-R/C Experience-
Years flying: 4
Years flying airplanes-4
Years flying helis-4
Model Helis Owned-
*Tiger 50 -currently flying
*Pantera 50 (coming soon!)
*Fury Extreme -currently flying
*Raptor 60 -RIP
*Raptor 50 -RIP
*Raptor 30 -currently flying
*Trex 450X -put up for now
*Hummingbirds -sitting on shelf
I am currently enrolled as a Junior at Rainier High School.  I am highly involved in athletics, Football, Baseball, and Wrestling.  Oregon State University is expressing interest in me for football, pretty exciting, I will let you all know how that turns out.

Billy Zimmerman Audacity Models Field Rep