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KKM UD1 Airplane

UD1 on prototype floats

Ken Delaney, Kevin Shelton, and Mark Hamilton the owners and builders of KKM Models, have come up with an excellent flying aircraft!

The UD1 was originally developed as a disposable Paint Ball Target Drone. We knew that the aircraft had to be slow, stable, highly visible, and have the ability to absorb the damage inflicted by a standard paint ball marker. After testing many different materials in different thicknesses we felt that we had the right combination.  We then designed an aircraft to meet our goals. With our newly designed and constructed aircraft, we headed out to the field with our paint ball marker.  Our flight testing of that day proved that the aircraft was extremely stable and airworthy. We then decided to proceed with our original plan to see how much damage the aircraft could absorb and still maintain airworthiness. The prototype UD1 took in excess of 50 hits from the paint ball marker and was still flying like it was new. Upon inspection of the aircraft, we noticed that one aileron had been rendered useless. Approximately 25% of the vertical stabilizer had been removed by paint balls. The airframe and wings had sustained multiple hits, most having gone completely through. And yet the aircraft still flew as it did on its maiden flight.  We have since logged many hours with this aircraft and build more of these. All who have flown this aircraft have complimented the gentle flight and stability.

Price Per kit: $40

Here is what you need to complete the models:

5 minute epoxy, Polyurethane glue .Gorilla glue etc. (We recommend this because it is by far more durable.)

2" strapping tape

Masking tape

Xacto knife

Mixing sticks

Sanding block with 80grit sanding paper

Fuel tank (8 to 10 oz)

Motor mount

40 size plain bearing engine (OS LA 40 –OS LA 46) or any similar engine


          Wheels 2 "or larger and axles

Contact me ( for ordering information, I will add Ken's,Kevin's, and Mark's email as they become available.

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