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BZ Heli

News and Updates

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This will be about news and updates about me or new products from Audacity Models


visit: for the full story!
The Pantera 50 is a new 3D model from Audacity Models! Designed for the 3D pilot in mind.  Comes with all of the new 3D upgrades as a standard as well as a new frame design, has removeable bearing blocks, new gear ratio better suited to use 620mm blades, wider landing gear, just to name a few of the improvements.  If you are a scale guy then this heli will suit your needs as it has servos holes built into the frame for retracts and a servo to move a stabilizer such as in a BlackHawk or similar.  And if you are using this bird for 3D then those empty servo holes are lighter than if it was plastic there!  I will be recieving my kit in April and will provide a lot of pics and set up tips on this site.

Here is a section for new products coming from Audacity Models!

New Products from Audacity Models:
Tiger 50 upgraded flight performance parts:
#PDR0053 ProMuffler
#AUD0504 3D High Precision Washout Base
#AUD5516 3D Grip/Spindle kit
#PRO-0065 Limited Slip Drive(driven tail autos)
#PRO-0071 3D dampers
#PRO-0066 3D flybar
#PRO-0057 3D paddles
#AUD0548 3D seasaw
#PDR0069  3D swashball kit
Fiberglass unpainted canopies:
#PDR0097 looks exactly like the stock canopy
#PDR0098 was inspired by the MA Fury
#PDR0099 is a variation on the theme of the stock canopy
Products in the design/developement stage:
*3D tail rotor grips
*3D flybar carrier

Billy Zimmerman Audacity Models Field Rep